Arkansas Valor



We are honored to capture veterans stories and do all we can to preserve them on video. All interviews that are turned into documentaries, are sold on DVD, to benefit the Wings of Honor Museum. Buy your copy today and watch them tell their stories of selfless service to our nation! #ArkansasValor

Watch the stories of military veterans and their families as they describe what life and war were like during their time serving our nation.



The Vietnam War. One of the most controversial conflicts in modern times. Politicians, Military, Police, & Citizens were fighting battles at home and abroad. It was a conflict that split our nation’s heart in two. However one thing that stayed united, was the brotherhood overseas. American boys were drafted to add more manpower to US Military Operations in Vietnam. Most servicemen were unaware of the turmoil at home in what had become a political war. Yet, to them, they were performing a selfless act; they were answering the call of their nation. Specialist 5th Mickey D. Hoggard enlisted in 1969 with H Troop, 17th Cavalry, Mechanized Infantry. He served until 1973 when injuries he sustained no longer allowed him to serve. During his service he was awarded a Bronze Star, two Purple Hearts, and several other citations and medals. His bravery in action and defense of his country are what makes him an American treasure. Sit back and listen to his story of bravery on this edition of Arkansas Valor.

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We have also entered our newest documentary, featuring Private Raymond W. Clark of Lake City, AR. He served during WWII from 1944-1945 and fought on D-Day, Battle of the Bulge, and the liberation of Hitler’s Death Camps.



Lake City, AR resident Raymond Clark talks about his time in the Army as a Private during WWII, his participation in the D-Day Invasion, Battle of the Bulge, and his accounts of Hitler’s Final Solution. At 96 years old he is blind and still lives at home, with his wife of 79 years. After the war, Pvt. Clark began his calling into the ministry, serving as a preacher for over 60 years.

Pvt. Clark doesn’t talk about his experiences often and some stories he wouldn’t share, including the Bronze Star he was awarded for Valor. However, we were able to capture a unique perspective into the war, through the eyes of a once young man, from a small town in Arkansas.

Below are the laurels representing our submission to film festivals for Mr. Clark’s film across the continent. We have received an OFFICIAL SELECTION from the Global Film Festival Awards in Hollywood, CA and are awaiting the semi-final notification for Best of the Year and Audience Choice categories. We did receive an Honorable Mention Award from the Global Film Festival Awards for the November Selections on December 11, 2018, as represented by the golden laurel above. Other laurels serve as a visual representation of our submission to their respective festivals.

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