Voice Over and Hosting Services

Due to the varying nature of voice-over (VO) requests and event hosting services, please email me at to receive a quote for services. We will need the following when reaching out to best assist you with an accurate quote.

  • Name
  • Preferred Contact Email
  • Phone Number
  • City, State
  • Type of Request (VO or Event Hosting)
  • Details of Request
    • Your Budget for this Request
    • Include the Need By Date or Event Date
    • If a VO, please include a full script for Review
      • Scripts will be read as is, so please ensure they are accurate
    • If hosting, what type of attire is needed
      • Suit, Business Casual, Tux, etc
      • Any special requests may require an additional fee
    • Any other relevant details
    • If a VO, when the assets are needed to be delivered by and in what format
    • If event hosting, when the date of service is needed

Other Services and Discounts:

Veterans* – 15% OFF (VO projects only)

Notice: Failure to adhere to copyright or trademark rights may result in criminal or civil penalties.

*Must provide valid military ID. (Examples include: DD Form 2 (Reserve), DD Form 2 (Retired), DD Form 2 (Reserve Retired), DD Form 1173, DD Form 2765.)

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