Voice Over and Hosting Services

Standard Package – $35
No Music or Effects.
Up to 75 Words Only.
Customer must provide script.

Deluxe Package – $65
Up to 30 second voice over.
Music or Effects available.
Up to 100 Words Only
Customer must provide script.

Premium Package – $100
30-60 second voice over.
Up to 200 Words
Music and Effects available.
Script included at customer specification.

Event Hosting
$30 per hour.
$.40 cents per mile from Walnut Ridge, AR to destination (round trip).
(Example: Round trip mileage from WR to Memphis is 185.2 miles. 185.2 x $.40 = $74.08. An event will last two hours, $30 x 2 hours = $60. $74.08 + $60 = $134.08.)
Fees are negotiable if event is at least over a month away and hotel room accommodations are offered. Last minute booking may incur additional fees.

All other inquires into voice over work or event hosting should be made to our email address, or by phone at 1-870-679-1002.


Other Services and Discounts:

Walmart Associates – 10% off any audio package.*
Veterans – 10% off any audio package.**
Emergency Service Workers (Police, Fire, EMS, & 911) – 10% off any package.***

Notice: Failure to adhere to copyright may result in criminal or civil penalties.

*Must provide associate discount card as proof of employment.
**Must provide valid military ID. (Examples include: DD Form 2 (Reserve), DD Form 2 (Retired), DD Form 2 (Reserve Retired), DD Form 1173, DD Form 2765.)
***Must provide valid department letterhead or valid department ID. Badges are NOT accepted as proof of employment. 

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