The Final Introduction

If anyone would have told me I would be at the end of the road 14 years ago, I would’ve laughed in their face.

Since I was 16 years old I have worked in professional wrestling. I’ve been a camera man, ring announcer, commentator, TV host, manager, and producer. 14 years of driving thousands of miles, meeting thousands of fans, becoming friends with many people in the wrestling business in the independent and professional circuits.

for Ring Announcing (2008)

When I started out I was working for a small independent promotion in Northeast Arkansas. I had no idea what I was doing. I knew I wanted to be involved from my love of the sport and seeing my family in the business on the local circuit. So at 16 years old I started ‘working’ as a cameraman. I use that term loosely because I wasn’t paid for the better part of a year.

I then was able to pickup a microphone for the first time. I remember the stage fright I had. If you know me personally now, this may be hard for you to believe. I froze for most of the show and barely said anything, leaving the work to my partner seated next to me. I never will forget the night I found my voice. It was a great feeling knowing that people wanted to hear what I had to say. I must also mention that while stage fright no longer bothers me, I still get butterflies anytime I get on a stage.

Announcing for Roundhouse Revival 2 at the Mid-South Coliseum

Fast forward three years and I was working on television hosting and doing commentary. This was a dream come true! I worked with numerous great athletes and performers during this time. Like Dustin Starr and Kevin Nikels, who were both signed to the WWE and worked with me at this promotion. These were just two of the many guys that helped to teach me and train me in the art of telling a story. My goal of making it to the WWE was just a small step closer.

Following that promotions closure, I had the chance to work for Kevin Lawler in Memphis, TN as a ring announcer and event host. To me this was the next level. I worked in several venues with a production that I had not experienced to this point in my ‘wrestling career’. I enjoyed every show and every opportunity to network with more talent, to better my career.

Edson Baeza and I at ringside for an event.

Even recently up until April 2019 I was working for a promotion that brought me to Texas and Louisiana. Two states I had never worked in! I met some friends like Nate Jolly, Edson Baeza, Nick Scott, and others. I even got to share the ring with my brother, Jon Alan. I even was a part of their first ever PPV on FITE-TV and joining the United Wrestling Network. These events were top notch and one of the best I’ve been able to work. I felt renewed that I could one day make it to the big leagues.

Now let’s talk about the present. I have not worked consistently in wrestling since 2018, which means my dream of making it big just stopped. So for two years, I have not worked at these events as much as I would have liked. With the change in careers and personal life, I have been limited on what I can commit to daily. Yet, I have found that I really haven’t missed it as much as I thought I would.

Aaron Presley and myself at an event in Louisiana

That is why after much thought, I have decided to turn off the mic, for my in ring career. I have found this decision to be tough, but the right one. As my career has taken off in my personal life, I am creating content that is fulfilling my ‘itch’ to perform. Wrestling has and will always hold a special place in my heart, and so do the people I’ve grown to respect and love.

While you may not hear my voice in person, I will still be doing voice over work for various clients that have hired me. I have developed these great working relationships that will ensure that I will still be tied into the wrestling business in some way. There may come a moment that you will see me dawn the tux one more time, but only for that RARE special appearance.

In Sherwood, AR for my last event in 2019, with my wife and friends.

So you will still hear my voice during the commercial breaks of Championship Wrestling on CW30 Memphis every Saturday at Noon. You will still hear my voice on Grind City Media’s ‘Grind City Wrestling’ podcast. You will still hear my voice creating that same excitement outside of the ring for many more years to come.

To those who helped me start my journey, helped me along the way, believed in me, supported me, and became lifelong friends; thank you. You have left a lasting impact that’s helped shape me beyond the ring and into my personal life. I will never forget the countless shows where I met amazing fans and amazing workers.

If there is one thing I can leave you with, it’s this: Take care of one another. Respect one another. Help each other achieve the goals you seek. Above all, love one another.

God loves you, and so do I.


A New Journey

My last blog was on October 18, 2019, almost 9 months ago. That’s a long time for anyone to go between articles. However, so much has changed and happened in those 9 months. February everything aligned in a way that only God could’ve done. I received a call asking if I would be interested in applying for a job in early February.

I had been praying hard for a change in my career and felt I had hit a brick wall.

First off, this blew my mind. I have never had anyone call me and ask me if I would like to apply for a job they were opening. So not only was I floored, but I was taken back by the ask from this Vice President at BN. I had been praying hard for a change in my career and felt I had hit a brick wall. I had applied for several positions within Walmart, and interviewed quite well for all of those applications. However, there were more qualified individuals who were given the job. I was disappointed, but knew that it went to people that were going to rock those positions.

Click on the image to listen to the Sparkcast podcast!

Anyways, I get this call and the VP tells me that the job is called Divisional Community Manager and would work with the Walmart Local Social Team. This role would help to be a resource for over 1000 stores and train associates to be Social Champs within their stores. I was floored. This job was exactly what I had been looking for and was exactly what I wanted. Yet, I had reservations. This was a big change and meant that I would be trading a secure job that I had become comfortable in, for one that was only secure for one year, and completely new. Uncharted territory. Yet I knew that God had opened this door. After prayer and talking with my wife, I chose to apply for the role.

On March 27, 2020 I walked out of the store as an Assistant Manager…

On March 27, 2020 I walked out of the store as an Assistant Manager for the last time and began my new journey with the Local Social team. I took this opportunity that God had provided and stepped through that open door. I interviewed prior to this day, three weeks prior in fact, and got a job offer just a week before I left. It was bitter sweet, because I came to care so much for the people I worked with and the associate I supervised. So many of those associates are great associates and embody what Mr. Sam looked for in his people. Many I still stay in touch with today.

However, I wasn’t a stranger to many of those on the Local Social team as I had worked with many of them while acting as the stores Social Champ. People like Jeff, Elliot, Elaina, Brandi, and Zack had worked with me on projects in my previous role and I felt really comfortable around them. So the transition wasn’t bad. Except for trading the 9 miles a day average I walked in the store to about 2 a day. That was and still is a challenge to this day, since I struggle with ADD and can’t sit still for too long.

Fast forward to April and three others from the Walmart field have joined the Divisional team. Surge Berg, our Team Lead and former Academy Facilitator. Brittany Haines, former multi-unit People Lead. Gled Ramirez, former Academy Facilitator. These three were also Social Champs for their stores and we all have worked on projects together during our time in the store. So this team was going to kick things off in a good way. I felt everything was lining up and with Surge leading our team, I knew that we were going to break down the walls!

I never thought we could have done this much in this little amount of time.

Since April we have been on a journey to get all 5000 Walmart stores trained for Local Social. We’ve trained hundreds of these stores, and are scheduling a weeks worth of training to capture all 5000 store in August. It’s incredible what this team has done for Walmart and the Social Champs. I never thought we could have done this much in this little amount of time. I have never felt so welcomed and so proud of the work that our team has done. It’s all because of the associates and the teams we work with that support what we are doing. They are the reason our success has happened.

We have an incredible support system and have been treated so well by our peers and leadership team. We have created a podcast called ‘Sparkcast’, a video series that highlights the top Local Social posts from across the nation call ‘Posts that SPARK’, Zoom training for operators, training offered in Spanish (courtesy of Gled), and many other projects. This has allowed us to reach more associates and create good impressions with Walmart leadership. We are on FIRE!

If all of this has happened in just four months, imagine what we will have done in four more.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us and how much more that we are able to accomplish with God’s help. If all of this has happened in just four months, imagine what we will have done in four more. I want to thank Walmart, BN, and our team for believing in us and giving us the chance to change the future of social for retail.

If you are a Walmart associate and want to join the Social Champ movement, email us at to apply today. Don’t forget to follow me on my personal social @thetwward for behind the scenes content and on Workplace for what we are doing with Walmart.

God Bless!

This blog does not represent the views and opinions of Walmart or Brand Networks and its affiliates. It is the views and commentary of the author alone.

A Reminder of Faith

Hello Everyone! It’s been a while since my last update. As I sit here in my hotel room in Bentonville, AR, I’m reflecting on the last two days and how much I am truly blessed. I just finished editing three videos shot today, that may be used for the Walmart brand pages or internally with 4600+ stores. The journey to today has not been smooth.

On Thursday October 10, I posted the following news on my facebook page.

“Today I had a doctors visit and found out what I suspected for some time now. I was given a preliminary diagnosis of Adult ADD. This was not a shocker, to most that know me, but I finally feel some sense of relief knowing the cause of so much pain.

For as long as I can remember I’ve struggled with maintaining focus, concentrating on simple and complex tasks, staying engaged in conversations, remembering to follow up on assigned or self given tasks, and staying focused in one spot for a long period of time. This has caused me a lot of grief at work and home. It’s caused me good yearly evaluations, promotions, and cause headaches to those around me.

It’s caused me to be chewed out by superiors, affected my self esteem, and worse my mental state. Failing at these simple things can lead others to suspect you’re not motivated or care about your job or personal affairs. This simply isn’t the case for me. I’m passionate about my job, my life, and my family. I know those closest to me know this is true.

“Today I had a doctors visit and found out what I suspected for some time now. I was given a preliminary diagnosis of Adult ADD”

I know this isn’t the end of the world and some may look at this as frivolous, but not to me. I’m finally able to know what’s wrong with me and can get the assistance I need to get me lined out for the better. I’ve prayed hard and frequent for God to help me with this, and I know this is His answer. With the support of my wife, family, friends, and peers, I know that I’ll always have someone to talk to and help me. I’m looking forward to bringing myself at 100% soon and I hope the naysayers are ready to be disappointed.”

This was no surprise to me, I had a feeling that my struggles were outside of my control, but I wasn’t able to explain it. Then, four days later, I found out the job I was so ready for, wasn’t within my reach.

“Today has started off rough. I feel broken and defeated. I received a call about a position in which I was interviewed. I didn’t get the job. The most crushing feeling in the world. I’m fighting the sadness my heart feels while writing this message.

I’m not mad. The interviewer was amazing and know he is making the best decision for his team and the company by moving forward with two other candidates. I know in my mind and heart that they must be amazing associates to be moving forward and will be a great asset for teaching our future leaders.

I reached out to a close friend and told him that I was not selected. Wondering was it me. Have I done something wrong. Here’s what he said. “I know it doesn’t help right now but I can tell you I’m 100% confident it’s because God has a better plan for you on its way. We don’t know what’s coming next or where there may be an opportunity to do something bigger than we imagined. God works all things to the good of those who love him & are called for his purpose. Nothing can stop God from accomplishing his plan for you- no manager, no job interview, no job period. If it’s not a no, it’s a “not yet, wait for something bigger.””

Sometimes God chooses to keep a door closed so that our feet stay on the right path. We have to remember that there are others that are on a journey too. Those who are destined for other futures, some even greater than yourself. I could’ve been that hindrance in that persons journey. I know there are still great things to come.

I’m proud to work for a company that gives second chances, has a team dedicated to supporting you and your dreams, and even coaching you towards your next step of success. I’m thankful for being interviewed, being recognized for my contributions. I’m so thankful for the experiences I’ve had and will have that I never would’ve thought possible a year ago.

To my associates, peers, and leadership teams, thank you for always supporting me. Thank you for allowing me to be able to have the moments and making sure those moments continue. You’ve made an impact on this guy from a small town in Northeast Arkansas. I can’t wait to see what the journey continues to hold.”

Every time one of these blows came my way, I had to remember my faith. Remember that I’ve already won the war through Christ. It’s hard, even now thinking about the rough last few weeks I’ve had to bear. Yet, my mindset changed in this experience. I was reminded that despite the things Satan was choosing to throw in my path, I could choose to simply walk around them. Take today for example. I’m doing something that many in our company DREAM of doing. In the face of these obstacles I allowed myself to be blinded to the amazing things being done for me. I mean, who knew that a small farm town kid, with a high school education could make it this far.

“Every time one of these blows came my way, I had to remember my faith. Remember that I’ve already won the war through Christ.”

I am reminded of how because of God’s plan I was able to go to Walmart Shareholders 2019, Chicago for the launch of Walmart Pickup Point – Lincolnwood, and today for this amazing project. Things that God would NOT have allowed me to do if it didn’t fall within his plan. He’s surrounded me with a loving wife, family, friends, and colleagues that all care about me and my journey. I continue to pray that one day, I can land my dream of working permanently at the Home Office and promoting the good our associates do every day in our stores and communities.

Tomorrow I head back home and rest after these two busy days and a four and a half hour drive that awaits. I hope that in this blog you can find some peace, like I have. I want to thank Zach Lones for bringing me out again to help prove that we can invest in our associates and invest in their talents. I want to thank Lindsey Parke for being an inspiring voice and peer these last two days, I continue to wish you and your husband all the best. I pray that you who are reading this, when you are feeling down you will reach out for help, and talk to someone. I pray that you never give up on what your spirit is telling you to do. Most of all, know that God loves you, and so do I.


What Does The Future Hold?

The last two months have been a complete joyride for me. Just about a month ago I appeared on the Walmart Radio Show that was broadcast LIVE from the Walmart Home Office in Bentonville, AR. I cohosted the show with Bo Woloszyn and my wife got to join me too! This was just the beginning. More things have come over the last few weeks.

I expressed my Walmart story just a few blogs back here on my website. My how things have changed and are so much different than I would have thought just a few years ago. In this short time I have appeared on Walmart Radio, featured in our local Academy’s monthly newsletter, and will appear in Walmart World Magazine. This has all been surreal to me.  God has been working through my colleagues to bless me.

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Ever since I joined this group of Walmart Ambassadors and Social Media Influencers, I have gained so much knowledge and understanding for our company’s goals and what they are looking for in the future. I have networked with many associates from the field and the Home Office. I have built great relationships with them and they have blessed me in return with advice and help. I could never pay them back in full.

I’ve also been busy in the media world with a few videos produced for a friend who passed away and for a local school working with the Library of Congress. Below are a few of those videos that I have worked on.


I am thrilled that things are starting to pick up for me and my family. My next job will hopefully be announced next week. I have applied for a position at the Walmart Academy to help teach the next leaders of our stores. I hope that you will lift me up in prayer that this position will open up to me and allow me to continue my growth with Walmart. This is something that I have thought about doing for some time and would be great for my family.

So as this year continues to move forward, I hope that you will join me in this new adventure.



In August of 2018, I began a new journey into the social media world as the Social Media Champion for Walmart Store #18 in Newport, Arkansas. Boy was I not expecting the changes that would come. I’ve been able to make contacts I had never thought possible, have a voiceover featured on Walmart Radio, have a call with Greg Foran our President of Walmart US, have photos I’ve taken featured in Walmart World Magazine, and so many other great experiences. It has truly been an incredible eight months of being an Assistant Store Manager. God has blessed me more than I could imagine.

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 12.06.40 PM
My first photo of @Walmart0018 on Instagram and was featured in Walmart World. This photo was a SUPER Spark in the #SparkChallenge campaign launched by Jeff “Surge” Berg, a Walmart Academy Facilitator in Oklahoma.

Now leading up to this moment has not been an easy road, because with every success there must be hard work and hard times. You see, it’s been an interesting journey in this career of mine. I started out with Walmart as a Receiving Associate in April 2012 at Store #128 in Jonesboro, AR. I was in that position for around 30 days and promoted to Asset Protection Associate in May 2012 in the same store. I was riding on cloud nine! God had truly set me up for success and was working in my life. I couldn’t be happier. I helped save that store tens of thousands of dollars in potential theft. I developed a great working relationship with my supervisor, who is still a close friend to this day.

My former AP Manager, Misty Angel, whom I consider a sister. My wife and I appreciate her friendship so much.

On June 26, 2013 I received a call from my Market Asset Protection Manager (MAPM) extending a job offer of the Asset Protection Manager position at Store #91 in Forrest City, AR. After two previous interviews, one of which I completely bombed, I thought this day wouldn’t come. However, after much prayer and struggling to put it into God’s hands, I finally did give it to Him. After that moment, I felt that peace and understood that this day would come. This job was an amazing birthday gift. That next month I began training with my former supervisor and would transition fully into my new store in September. I pushed hard to make my new store a turn around store and reduce shrink.

My love for Walmart continued and showed in my work, so much so that at the end of 2013 I received an email from an editor of Walmart World Magazine wanting to share my story. Unfortunately I could never get my MAPM to sign off on permission to do so, nothing I currently hold against him. When our inventory came and went, our shrink numbers went down and again I was soaring on cloud nine. Our associates had done something a few of them didn’t believe we could do. I was so proud of them. Looking back I know I made some mistakes in communication, follow up, and execution, but with some patience, they taught me so much I can look back on and appreciate.

The last management photo of me and my peers at Store #91. Not long after this photo was taken, Store Manager Matt Figgins (pictured bottom left) departed. I also would leave five months later.

After some trials that put me questioning God’s plan and why I was facing the demons I was, I transferred to Store #62 in Blytheville, AR. This was not something that I had planned for my career. The experience that lead to my departure from Store #91, was not enjoyable. I was angry, sad, depressed, and unsure of what was next for me. Was Walmart going to be my career? I moved back in with my mom in Walnut Ridge, AR, I was not in good mind. I was struggling daily because of the things that happened to me; trying to understand why. I knew that this new store would provide a new foundation to build on and leave the negative experiences in the past. I know now that God knew what He was doing.

When I arrived at Store #62, I found a friend who was a God fearing man and people person. Store Manager Greg Ricker was just the person I needed to help keep my faith in what I felt was a daily struggle to keep my job. I knew that God brought me here for a reason. Greg made me feel at home. He helped to boost my confidence back up. Enough so I began to form great friendships with store associates, some of which still exist today. My first Regional AP Director visit in this store was something I had prepared for, since I arrived. My first visit was a good one. Our RAPD gave me some great advice and saw the great progress I was helping to make in the store. I felt vindicated.

A photo taken by my former AP Associate Mia from Store #62. She thought I looked like something from Dexter.

Our store associates deserved all the credit, because all I did was help teach and train, they executed the process. I had great AP Associates, Department Managers, Assistant Managers who all worked to make our shrink go down. Yet things changed again. It seemed the demons I had turned over to God had arrived again. Store Manager Greg would depart and it felt like it all went downhill from there. So much of the pain I thought was gone came rushing back. The negative experiences were too much for me to handle. In April 2016 I met with my MAPM and told him I was done, I wanted to step down. After a few weeks of searching, I stepped down to an Overnight Support Manager at Store #57 in Walnut Ridge, AR. It was not something I had planned for me, considering at one point I was applying to be a MAPM.

Now the low point in this story is not to cast Walmart in a bad light, but to show that bad things can happen to good people. Or was it bad? You see in January of 2016, while I was still at Store #62, I began talking to my future wife. We were high school sweethearts. It was like we had picked up where we had left off. I began to understand as time went by that the experiences I had were to get me where God wanted me to be. I had forgotten that I submitted my life to Him in 2001 and rededicated in 2012. If I had stayed in that role at Store #91, I would have never got back together with my now wife. Those experiences led me back to Christ, and in turn led me to her.

My Wife and I in our home.

After two years of working to come back to days, amongst the living as I liked to joke, I transferred to Day Support Manager. I had received an exceeds on my evaluation and kept pushing forward. Now enters Bryan Venson. Bryan promoted from Store #71 in Pocahontas, AR to be a new Assistant Manager at Store #57. Bryan eventually found out about my previous experience and began dropping hints that I should apply for the Assistant Manager program. I flat out refused several times. I explained the story of my journey, and he understood. Looking back I think God was speaking through him.

At first I had a bad taste in my mouth about being a salaried manager again. I didn’t want to go through those experiences again. After much consideration and talking with my now fiancee, I applied. I went home and prayed one time. I prayed that if it was God’s will, that He open that door, then I let it go. My store manager, Kari Shanks, who had been supportive of my volunteer efforts in the community and drive to make the store better, was puzzled why I didn’t let her know I was interested. I put it pretty bluntly to her, sorry Kari, that I had not intention of getting promoted, but if it was God’s will then so be it. She told me that she had to evaluate my work and submit it to the Market team for review. After their review and a screening interview, to see if an associates ready for the selection event, they sent me through. I couldn’t believe I was making the step forward. I for sure thought this day wouldn’t ever come back around.

A post I made highlighting the efforts I made at Store #57. This one effort helped to bring special parking spaces for wounded veterans.

I went to the Regional Selection Event and sat through several round tables and a final panel interview with a Market Manager, Market HR Manager, and Store Manager from the Little Rock market. I got some amazing feedback from them and knew that God had some amazing things still in store for me. After coming back from the event, I had time to reflect and start to piece things together that I have mentioned in this story. I knew I would get it, I just prayed it was a store that was close to home. That Wednesday I got a call from our Market HR Manager informing me I had been selected. After six weeks of training at the Walmart Academies in Poplar Bluff, MO and Searcy, AR I finally arrived at Store #18 in Newport, AR as an Assistant Store Manager.

My promotion party cake from the associates at Store #57. Many of these associates remembered me from my first time with Walmart in 2007.

At this point of the story you’ve probably asked yourself, why did I continue and not look for other employment? Well the answer to that question is, I did. Several times. However, God closed those doors because He had me right where I was needed. I learned through my experiences that it wasn’t Walmart that caused the experiences I had endured, but people. The company gave me several opportunities that many employers wouldn’t and couldn’t give. Walmart entrusted me with the financial responsibility of now four stores. Walmart offered training at their expense to help make me a better servant leader. Walmart helped to support many non-profits I work with, Wings of Honor Museum, Beatles at the Ridge Music Festival (Downtown Walnut Ridge Inc.), and now Hoxie The First Stand (Civil Rights Museum non-profit), and so many more!

Walmart did not shut me out when I raised concerns, they allowed me to use the open door policy without fear of retaliation. They offered transparency, consistent communication, and the resources I needed. They helped to build back my self confidence, work towards my goals, do what was important to me, and explore new avenues. No other employer that I have worked for has allowed such freedom. No other company have I worked for, has the people of our stores and communities felt like a family. This freedom allowed me to be open and honest with our associates and help them through their personal and work related struggles.

Mrs. Shirley epitomizes #IHeartWalmart everyday with the love she shows her customer and fellow associates. I look forward to her smile everyday.

Walmart has helped me to see how many great people make up our company. I could not imagine where I would be had I not experienced the things I had over the last few years. I know I would not be the leader I am today, nor the person. I look forward everyday to seeing the smiles of our customers and associates. God knew what He was doing when He allowed these experiences to happen to me. Do I hold grudges against those do tried to do me wrong? No. In the long run, they helped to make me stronger, build a relationship, and discover myself again. If I had the chance to go back and change things, I wouldn’t. Through the last twelve months I have fell in love with Walmart all over again.

Me posing with our store brand product as a part of #NationalPeanutButterDay posts on Instagram and Facebook.

I have a great support group at Store #18 with my fellow associates and managers, the Home Office, and beyond. Zachary Lones, our Director of Local Social and Walmart World, has been a huge supporter and guide in this new world of digital marketing. He has helped shape me by his daily insight into leadership, marketing strategy, and social media presence. Walmart made the right decision bringing him into the fold as the head of our social media programs. My hope for the next year or two is to continue this growth and maybe end up at the Home Office. I know with God’s guidance and people like Misty, Greg, Bryan, and Zachary, I will continue to succeed and grow. Showing the world that #IHeartWalmart.



***The opinions of this blog do not represent the position or values of Walmart Inc., nor do they officially endorse this blog or website. The opinions stated are that of the writer, and the writer alone. Images used as a part of the commentary of this blog implies no ownership by it’s use. All images belong to their respective copyright holders.

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History Retold

For as long I can remember I have always had a love for history. Whether it was US history, state history, or local history, I’ve always wanted to know more. Since 2016 I’ve been on a mission to uncover lost and untold stories of local history. It started with one interview in May of 2016. An interview with Morris H. Holloway, a Pharmacist’s Mate 2nd Class, changed everything up to that point. Mr. Holloway’s story ignited a need in me to capture more account to of those who served in the armed forces. It eventually led to my first award winning film.

Theatrical poster of Arkansas Valor – Raymond Clark. A Lake City resident who was at D-Day, Battle of the Bulge, and several other major events in WWII.

It made me ecstatic that Mr. Clark’s story would be seen all over the country and two foreign countries. I was on top of the world. Up to this point, I had a Nikon D3200 camera and a 3.5mm lavalier microphone. I was able to use a camera, made for taking photos, to capture an awe inspiring story that led to an award. Most media and film people will tell you, that’s not what you should be using. It was all I had. No funding, no donations, it was all volunteer work. So I kept pushing forward.

“So I kept pushing forward.”

In that push forward, I was able to secure another film festival win for another veteran film. I knew I was on to something. Fast forward two years and I’ve produced over ten documentaries, highlighting veterans. I recently updated my equipment to a 4K Digital Camcorder, new lights, new lavalier mic system, and a new approach. With this new investment I am able to produce a better film. This investment means rediscovered or untold history can be preserved for future generations.

After filming my last Veteran, retired Lt. Col. Lloyd Clark, I knew there was another story to tell. The story of Hoxie’s 1955 integration. With my new tools, that story could be retold for today’s generation. So in January I met with Hoxie The First Stand, a nonprofit, and received the support of the committee and the school board. The path to retelling this catalyst moment in civil rights history, had been opened.

Ethel Tompkins recalls a moment during her time at Hoxie in 1955.

As I type this now, there are three individuals who have told me their stories. Stories of perseverance, love, and forgiveness. People like Ethel Tompkins have shared the unadulterated truth behind Hoxie’s 1955 integration. I am excited to capture her story, and many like her, who are willing to share those memories. These are accounts that will give younger generations a glimpse into the past. An understanding of the progress made for them.

“We must never forget.”

Production on this film, ‘Right In The Sight Of God’, is set to be wrapped up by the end of 2019. It’s my hope that you will watch these films and it will spark and interest in you to capture the memories of an aging generation. To preserve what they’ve accomplished for our children. Their experiences and actions helped pave the way for so many of us. So we must never forget.

– Terrence

A Look Back At A Forgotten Past

HOXIE, AR (T. WARD MEDIA) – In the summer of 1955 a small town in Northeast Arkansas would find itself at the center of national attention. But before that we must look back to the event leading up to integration. In 1954 the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of Brown in Brown v. Board of Education, officially ending segregation in public schools. Two schools in Arkansas would integrate following the decision before Hoxie. However, the reason for so much attention on Hoxie is on July 25, 1955 LIFE Magazine paid the school a visit. Just 14 days after the school board voted unanimously to integrate the colored school.

LIFE Magazine Cover and photo featuring Hoxie School Integration

This issue highlighted the schools compliance with the recent Supreme Court decision. It showed that even in southern America, integration was happening without issue. Unfortunately for this small town of less than 2000 residents, almost 400 segregationists would descend on Hoxie and make a stand. Segregationist leaders tried to intimidate, harass, and threaten school board leaders for their stand on integration. Their threats would alarm citizens and faculty alike. The threats of violence from segregationists alarmed parents enough, that several students were kept from school; not for reasons of integration itself. It would ultimately lead to the school filing a Federal Lawsuit against the segregationist groups, after the Governor’s Office refused to get involved.

Hoxie School District v. Herbert Brewer, et al. Complaint (Courtesy:

In November of 1955, Federal District Judge Thomas C. Trimble ruled that segregationists had “planned and conspired” to prevent integration at Hoxie Public School, and he issued a temporary restraining order against the segregationists. A court hearing to make an injunction against the segregationists permanent was held in just one month later. This court case has been reference in court opinions since 1955 as a means to enforce civil rights laws across the nation.

Mr. Jim Green, a seventh grader during the 1955 integration.

Now the story brings us to today. The story of Hoxie’s 1955 integration has largely been forgotten by the American people. The lives of black Americans has greatly been improved due to legislation and activism for civil rights. In 2019, children of all races, colors, and creeds can get an education without worrying about segregation. This story is being retold by first hand accounts of students, faculty, and citizens of Hoxie. Retold so that the progress made by the School Board and the citizens of Hoxie will never be forgotten. Retold in the newest film from T. Ward Media, ‘Right In The Sight Of God’, set to release in 2020.

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 8.35.58 PM
Ms. Ethel Tompkins, a 7th grade student of the Hoxie Colored School in 1955, shares a smile in a still shot from the upcoming film ‘Right In The Sight Of God’.

For more information on Hoxie School’s integration of 1955, click HERE.

Main Event Premieres in Arkansas

SHERWOOD, AR (T. WARD MEDIA) – Main Event Pro Wrestling, based in Texas, makes its debut in the Natural State, April 6, 2019. Tonight at 6pm their official Facebook page posted a video, that promoted the event. This regional promotion has operated in the ArkLaTex region for a few years, and is known for packing out their venues. This is largely due in part to the variety of athletes they use for their LIVE Events, heavy promoting, and a social media campaign. Yes, its right say that pro-wrestling is returning to Arkansas.


Yet this isn’t just a wrestling show, its a reunion. Action Jackson, tag team partner of Big Daddy Yum Yum and the Tag Team Champions, is a native of Arkansas. Jackson graduated from Sylvann Hills High School in 2005. As an alumni of Sylvann Hills, Jackson hopes to bring back to his alma mater through the Boo The Bully Program. This program features Jackson and his tag team partner, along with other Main Event Pro Wrestling Superstars, who visit local schools. During their visits, they talk about the importance of respecting one another, what action to taken when they or someone they know is being bullied, and how to improve their lives at home and school.

Pictured left to right: Action Jackson, Big Daddy Yum Yum, and Matt Justyce.

The April 6th event will not only plan to bring the best in pro wrestling to Arkansas, but raise money for the Sylvann Hills High School Wrestling Team. As with most Main Event shows, it is expected to be a capacity crowd with no let down on the entertainment. For more information on Main Event Pro Wrestling, follow them online at and social media @OfficialMEPW. Did you miss the video from tonight? Watch it below!