Happy New Year and welcome to 2022!

2021 was an amazing year of personal development and advancement. It was a year to be remembered. So much happened and I don’t know if I’ll be able to recall it all for you reading this blog post.

In February of 2021 I made my re-debut on television for Championship Wrestling from Memphis. I hadn’t been on TV in a wrestling capacity in 10 YEARS! I was extremely nervous, considering the team from Hollywood would be watching and helping produce the first few episodes. Yet, I felt at home and was so glad to see familiar faces I hadn’t seen in years. If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you know I ‘retired’ in August of 2020. I had no desire to get back into the ring and was completely happy doing voice over work. So I am glad I reneged on that statement, because it led to some amazing opportunities later in the year.

Interviewing Derrick “The King” on the Debut Episode
(Photo Credit: Dreadhead Kev)

A year of production has passed and we are approaching the 1 Year Anniversary of the return of wrestling to Memphis TV. I am humbled and honored to be a part of the legacy that is Memphis Wrestling. It’s always been a goal of mine to say that I was a part of something special in Memphis. This is special. This is Memphis Wrestling. So many famous names that have come before us laid that foundation that we are building upon, to keep Memphis Wrestling alive. We’ve seen many of the wrestlers to grace the locker room go on to perform on AEW and WWE. I am so very proud of all they are accomplishing that is not only bring them some much deserved attention, but shining a little bit of light on the rest of us.

To the wrestlers, referees, production crew, staff, and Dustin Starr, thank you for allowing me to be a part of this amazing journey.

In August of last year I entered the WWE Announcer contest on TikTok. I made my first video introducing the Undertaker and decided to head to bed. When I woke up the next morning, it had gone viral! As of this blog post, I have over 1 MILLION views on that introduction. I decided to create other intros for each of the challenges on WWE’s TikTok account. The winner of the contest would go to SummerSlam to be special guest ring announcer! This put me in front of so many people that my account grew from ~5500 followers to over 33,000 in just a week.

Things got even better when WWE reached out to me and told me I was selected to move on to the next round in their contest. I was so excited and in shock! I never expected to have an audience with WWE, let alone directly on TikTok. I would eventually have a video interview with Steve Braband, WWE’s VP of Digital Media, to talk about the contest and my experience. Steve was amazing to talk to and share how much the contest had benefited me in my following. After the call, and following the video submissions, I found that my videos had the most views and engagements out all of the entries but one.

I found out about a week later that I had moved on to the final round and would be notified before the event. I was SO stressed out leading up to this notification process. I had other verified creators reaching out to see if I had heard anything from WWE. I was told not to discuss anything with anyone until I was given the green light to talk about my status. So, I told those who inquired that I had not heard anything. Little did I know I was about to receive an email from WWE and my status in the contest. It was not what I was expecting.

I received an email stating that I was not selected as the winner of the contest. I was devastated. I was so sure I had it in the bag, which I am sure everyone who entered thought the same. Despite not being selected, I was so happy to have been given the opportunity that allowed so many people to see me. I am still so appreciative Steve and his team for putting eyes on me and my content. As of this blog post I have over 71,000 followers! This growth came because of God’s blessing to put me in front of this contest and in touch with so many people. To the WWE and Steve Braband, thank you for allowing this small town guy the opportunity to be seen and grow!

By the way, congratulations to Raine Cruz! Raine won the contest and got to ring announce a match at SummerSlam. I am so proud of you representing the independents so well.

In September I was given the opportunity to submit an application to be a Public Address Announcer for the Memphis Hustle, an NBA G-League team. After sending in my application and examples of voice work, I got a call back! I couldn’t believe all the opportunities God had provided including this one. I was in awe.

Courtesy of ESPN+

I made the announcement official in November when I got the call back saying I got the spot. November 16th I met up Dustin Starr, who is everywhere by the way (haha), and did my training day to see how things worked. Jena, Coordinator of Live Events, was also an amazing guide to help learn the ropes. I learned just how amazing this role was going to be for me going forward into the new year.

Things really started to come into focus when I found myself on ESPN+ during one of the broadcasts of a Memphis Hustle game. Here I am this guy from a small town in Arkansas who never thought he’d amount to anything, appearing on EPSN+ and announcing an NBA G-League game. I am truly blessed beyond measure. With two more games coming up, I hope that I continue making an impression on the Hustle and this turns into another opportunity.

With all that happened in 2021, I am confident that God will again pave a way for me to succeed and prosper. I am humbled by His mercy and grace that has allowed me to do all of these amazing opportunities in 2021. As I embark on this journey in 2022, I hope that am able to glorify His name through the work I perform. To those of you that have supported me, guided me, provided a door for me, there are not enough words to say thank you. I appreciate all you have done to show me that I have value and worth investing in. I pray God provides for you in abundance.

God Bless,